Many of us living in western PA can’t always escape to the nearest warm weather state to keep our golf game current and in-swing for the new season waiting for us just around the corner. While most of us are only striving to be good enough to keep up with our favorite golf partners or readying ourselves for league competition, the secret desire to hit a hole-in-one lives in the hearts of all true golfers. To make this a reality, putting away our golf clubs for the next 3 months should not have to be our reality. We need to remain active and engaged with the game all year long.

Fortunately, more and more recreational golf facilities, like Slippery Rock Golf Club and Events Center are now offering year-round play for members and the local community alike. Thanks to technology and true lovers of the sport, golf courses nearly 100 years old, like Slippery Rock Golf Club and Events Center, are investing in their PGA Pro, who act as trainer and head facilitator of the game, and in multiple indoor golf simulators to continue play, leagues and lessons throughout western PA’s toughest winters. At least until all this white stuff melts away and we’re all back on green grass again! 

Established in 1928, and originally named Slippery Rock Country Club by the great cousin of the current owners, Mr. Ralph Nicholas, the course has come full circle in terms of ownership going back to the founding family, the Prebula family. When golf lovers and veterans of the entertainment business, Eric and wife Julie Prebula, along with their in-laws, Dawn and Gary, purchased the golf course and clubhouse in December of 2019, they immediately renamed it Slippery Rock Golf Club and Events Center after the community in which it resides and to pay homage to the late, Ralph Nicholas.

Needing to think fast with the pandemic looming and threats of a national quarantine, the investment into multiple simulator bays would turn out to be the new family’s second-best investment right after the much-needed repair the event room’s main furnace. After years and years of disrepair the first order of business was to warm up the large banquet room where the simulators would live during the winter months. Eventually, this room would soon be the destination for large groups to gather again and celebrate milestones, golf outings or just practice on the golf simulators during winter months.

For a period of about 50 years, from its the 96-year run, the golf course was sold to local manufacturer, Armco Steel and renamed Armco Country Club.  Under Armco’s proprietorship, only employees and their families were allowed golf course and facilities privileges, while memberships were paid for directly from their paychecks. This was the only time membership was not freely open to the public. Today, golf enthusiast and newbies to the game can pay to play at their leisure and/or anyone can purchase a membership available from individual golfers to family memberships where kids are included or social memberships that include a monthly food & beverage stipend.

Located one hour north of Pittsburgh and one hour south of Erie, Slippery Rock Golf Club and Events Center now boasts about being the golfers’ oasis of Butler County amid snowy winters by offering open play, indoor golf leagues and lessons all with easy access to a full bar and restaurant menu from the Twisted Oak Tavern. Known for serving topnotch food from their burgers to wings, the full bar is always a welcoming sight to behold especially when many local Pennsylvania bars and breweries serve PA-only brews & spirits. Not here, the Twisted Oak Tavern keeps it fresh with a hardy selection craft beers, icy cold slushies, and top shelf spirits.  Making it the perfect place to celebrate those winter birthdays and milestones. From small gatherings around the simulator bays to larger events in the banquet room that can seat 200 people when full and include access to the golf simulators as an added benefit for your guests!

With 200+ golf courses to choose from, golf simulators are hands down, the best way to keep your golf game up this winter, stay connected with friends, loved ones, work associates or simply to help you get that hole-in-one in the new season! You can reserve a golf bay directly thru the SRGC website by the hour or call the main line to reserve the golf bays for your group events — day or night!

No need to hibernate all winter, come out and play right here in western PA’s hottest little hub for golfers at the Slippery Rock Golf Club & Events Center and enjoy all they have to offer from the ever-changing restaurant menu to their talented events & hospitality team available all for the sole purpose of creating memorable events for the whole family. Golf simulator bays typically rent out by the hour or by the event in 3-hour blocks. Give the Events Team a call and be the event hero for your friends and family this winter!